-Family Law. Divorce (in Spain and abroad)
-Accidents (car accidents, Insurance company claims and others)
-Contracts (sale, rent contracts)
-Wills (national and international)
-Business registration (formation of international corporations in Spain)
-National and International Fiscal Law
-Administrative Law (filing of documents in public institutions)

Administrative Services

-Residence permit 
-Marriage documentation
-Vehicle documentation (plate change, import procedure)
-Driver documentation (foreign driving license change, license renewal)
-Real Estate: sale and purchase agreements, negotiation, mortgage financing, notary public formalities, utility company changes, municipal taxes amongst others 
-Relocation services: housing, work, schools, adaptation.

Services for EU Staff

-Fiscal Law in accordance with the Protocol of Privilegies and Immunities of the EU
-Headquarters Agreements
Specialized advice for EU staff in Europe and Spain
-OI license plate change

Miriam Parés Albors

Miriam Parés Albors is the founder of Parés Albors.
Born in Barcelona, she studied Law in the prestigious Navarra University and settled in Alicante in 1995, where she started providing legal advice since 1997. Since the start of her practice, she specialized in offering legal advice to the numerous foreign residents in the Alicante area. For more than 10 years she worked as a legal advisor for the EUIPO former OHIM, assisting EU staff in international and Spanish private Law. She currently works as external advisor for European Agencies: Fusion for energy and JRC Joint Research Centre Sevilla.